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Kaysha Otto
19 May
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Silly you! You most likely thought that you had come across a stupid little scenster that had a profile w/ pics of him/her and some lyrics. Well, sorry! You haven't. I may have my hair dyed, and you could call me "scene" for that. But you're terribly wrong.

I could tell you random little facts about me to make me seem more appealing, only to let you down about my journal entries actually telling you about my boring life, BUT THAT WOULD BE LYING!!!

So, I won't lie. I will just tell you the real & boring facts of my life.
My name is Kaysha, and I am fifteen. I currently live in Iowa. I play drums, really. I smoke pot. I drink. I smoke cigarettes, and I may or may not update about it sometimes. If you are uncomfortable with these subjects, then please don't add me. If you didn't read my information right here, then don't bitch at me if I do update about pot, drinking, or cigs. I'll bitch back.

Call me scene, goth, emo, or punk. Hate me, or love me. I'll still be annoying.

By ignitedbones! :D

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